National Freight Strategic Plan is issued by U.S. Department of Transportation

Logistics Management |

By Jeff Berman | September 4, 2020

And the NSFP also received a strong endorsement from Leslie Blakey, president of the Coalition for America’s Gateways and Trade Corridors (CAGTC), a concern focused on raising public recognition and Congressional awareness regarding the need to significantly expand U.S. freight transportation capabilities and promote sufficient funding in federal legislation for trade corridors, gateways, intermodal connectors, and freight facilities.

“Our national freight network is complex and dynamic, a system of systems, constantly adapting to the demands of industry, technology, and safety,” said Blakey. “We applaud the USDOT in releasing this National Freight Strategic Plan, which has been a longstanding policy goal for our organization, and identifying a number of challenges our nation faces in keeping the system robust: safety, network efficiency, infrastructure condition, and barriers to freight system performance."

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