The Coalition is dedicated to raising awareness about the nation's freight needs, both on Capitol Hill and with the general public. CAGTC also aims to serve as a resource to the Administration and to Congress to provide a historical perspective and information about freight program implementation and needs. To meet these goals, the Coalition has developed various educational materials to demonstrate the vital role goods movement plays in our nation's economy and in our every day lives.

CAGTC Policy Paper

While 2015’s Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act made significant improvements in freight policy and programming, more is needed to make up for years of underinvestment and to prepare for growing system demands. Read CAGTC’s policy platform to see our goals for reauthorization.

BUILD vs INFRA Infographic

CAGTC's easy guide to the difference between BUILD and INFRA and how the competitive grant programs work in harmony to make critical investments in the freight infrastructure network.

Congressional Briefing Book

This Congressional Briefing Book aids legislators and staff in understanding the importance of freight. The Guide contains information on CAGTC’s policy positions, background on the FAST Act’s freight program, general resources for freight, and materials on funding the future of freight