Here’s how long it may take Biden’s infrastructure package to jolt the economy

CNN | By Katie Lobosco

It may be years before Americans are driving over new bridges or plugging their electric vehicles into a new highway charger funded by President Joe Biden's infrastructure package. But some of the money could be released over the next six months, providing a jolt to a backlog of projects across the country.

After months of debate, Congress passed the historic infrastructure package late last week. Once signed into law, it will deliver $550 billion of new federal investments into America's infrastructure over five years. Funding for highways and roads, bridges, rail, the power grid, water systems, airports, broadband and public transit will get a big boost.
Biden touts that the spending will grow the economy and create jobs. While many economists agree, it could be months before Americans see the real effects -- unlike the federal coronavirus pandemic relief that delivered money directly to their pockets within weeks.

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