CAGTC throws its support behind White House infrastructure plan

Jeff Berman | April 12, 2021

With the White House recently proposed an ambitious and wide ranging $2.2 trillion –plus infrastructure proposal, there is a lot to like and be encouraged about, given that supply chain stakeholders, state transit and transportation agencies, modal groups, and carriers have been in need of—and clamoring for—over the last several years.

From a supply chain perspective, the White House’s proposal, entitled the “American Jobs Plan” allocates funding for investments in roads, bridges, rail, ports, and airports, with a focus on spurring and supporting economic recovery, which President Biden has called a “once in a generation investment in America,” with this proposal geared towards investing into America’s future economic competitiveness on a global level.

The White House’s proposal has received strong support from the Washington, D.C.-based Coalition for America’s Gateways and Trade Corridors (CAGTC).

In a recent conversation I had with CAGTC Executive Director Elaine Nessle, she explained that, for years, there has been an ongoing conversation about insufficient levels of infrastructure funding across the entire transportation spectrum, specifically as it relates to freight-related infrastructure.

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