White House Issues One-Year Continuing Resolution for the FAST Act

Logistics Management |

By Jeff Berman | October 1, 2020

"Given the circumstances with this being a major election year, it definitely provides a lot of certainty in the coming months, because it gives the new Congress some time to work on significant legislation, when it reconvenes in January, said Elaine Nessle, executive direction of the Coalition for America’s Gateways and Trade Corridors. I sense that this will not be the first continuing resolution, because there are some high profile items that Congress wants to accomplish before the new Congress arrives, including a new COVID-19 stimulus, trade, and the Supreme Court nomination.

As for what this means for supply chain stakeholders, Nessle said that the continuing resolution can be viewed as a good thing, in that it provides a level of certainty on the funding side, as well as also provides an opportunity to think outside the box."

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