Carriers and shippers call for long-term infrastructure funding

FreightWaves |

By John Gallagher | February 13, 2020

“There’s no national vision or strategy that evaluates how individual investments impact the overall safety and reliability of the goods movement system,” Elaine Nessle, executive director for the Coalition for America’s Gateways and Trade Corridors (CAGTC), told FreightWaves. “Even though states have plans that have focused state investments on intrastate commerce, we haven’t taken that systemwide approach needed to make those investments across the entire supply chain.”

In comments filed with DOT, Nessle and CAGTC, whose members include the nation’s largest container ports, called for minimum annual federal funding of $12 billion for a multimodal competitive grant program. The current multimodal grant program, Infrastructure for Rebuilding America, made available $900 million for 2020.

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