Road Usage Charge Assessment

Washington State Transportation Commission

January 13, 2020

The Washington State Transportation Commission (WSTC) recommends that the Legislature enact a per-mile road usage charge (RUC) now on a small number of vehicles, including alternative fuel vehicles and state-owned vehicles, as the first step in a 10- to 25-year transition away from gas taxes to fund the state highway system. With the gas tax already declining, adoption of cleaner and alternative fuel vehicles accelerating, and RUC systems and technologies ready for implementation, the State must act now to avoid a predictable transportation funding crisis later. Starting small and transitioning gradually affords the Legislature and state agencies time to make necessary system refinements and policy adjustments to a RUC system in a deliberate, controlled manner.

This recommendation and others follow seven years of in-depth investigation, extensive analysis, and a year-long pilot project all focused on determining if a RUC could replace the gas tax and bring sustainability to transportation funding long-term.

Read the full report here.