Bill could allot $10 billion a year for infrastructure work

American Shipper |

By Jon Shumake | May 15, 2019

Rep. Alan Lowenthal, D-Calif., on Tuesday introduced the National Multimodal and Sustainable Freight Infrastructure Act, which would establish the Freight Transportation Infrastructure Trust Fund paid for through a national 1% waybill fee on the transportation cost of goods.

The collected funds would be distributed through a formula program to each state based on the amount of existing infrastructure within the state and a competitive grant program that would be open to all local, regional and state governments. The competitive grant program would have 5% of funds set aside for zero-emissions projects, according to the statement announcing the legislation.

“The bill would raise over $10 billion a year dedicated to freight-related infrastructure projects throughout the nation, with a focus on multimodal projects and projects that rebuild aging infrastructure while relieving bottlenecks in the freight transportation system,” the statement on Lowenthal’s website reads.

“A dedicated, fully multimodal and multi-jurisdictional freight program such as Congressman Lowenthal’s proposed legislation merits serious consideration as a funding model,” said Tim Lovain, the Coalition for America’s Gateways and Trade Corridors chairman, in a statement. “This proposal comes at a critical juncture, when Congress and the administration are seeking to sustain economic competitiveness through infrastructure investment.”

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