Rep. Earl Blumenauer Stresses Urgency of Infrastructure Deal

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By Eleanor Lamb | May 14, 2019

A federal infrastructure funding package is within reach, but lawmakers need to act soon, according to Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.).

Blumenauer, a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, delivered remarks at the Coalition for America’s Gateways and Trade Corridors’ annual meeting May 14.

President Donald Trump and congressional Democrats held a private meeting April 30 that resulted in an agreement for a $2 trillion infrastructure deal. The plan, which would bolster transportation projects, lacks details about fundraising.

Blumenauer encouraged listeners to meet with their congressional representatives and “create a little dust locally” to generate interest in infrastructure funding.

“This is a bipartisan failure. There are bipartisan solutions, but time is growing short to do it right,” Blumenauer said. “This is one of the few areas where we could get things right politically in this dysfunctional town.”

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